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ETS strives to not only provide high quality training to currently licensed electricians, but to also provide high quality training aids to help prepare you to take the Electrical or Business and Law exam.


Listed below are links to other websites that we feel also provide quality educational products.









Listed below is a link to information on State of Connecticut amendments, supplemants, and interpretations to the electrical code. We will update this information often in order to help keep you informed.



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Business & Law Exam Preparation Guide

The construction industry is the backbone of the American economy. For most of us, as soon as we enter the electrical trade we aspire to own our own business. Over 85% of contractor failures result due to business reasons, not from a lack of trade knowledge!

Our Business and Law Exam Preparation Guide will not only help to prepare you for the Business and Law portion of the E1 exam, it will help you become familiar with the reference book, which will save you valuable time when taking the test. It will also help you become familiar with the business skills you will need to become, and stay, a successful contractor.

Call today for ordering information on our $35.00 Business and Law Exam Prep Guide (plus $2.50 shipping). It may be just what you need to help you pass the E1 exam!

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Residential Services Field Guide - SOLD OUT-

This Field Guide is based on the 2017 NEC, the Connecticut Light & Power I & R Booklet, and trade practice. It contains a list, and the Code sections for, 95 of the most commonly found issues that pertain to residential electrical services. This Field Guide is a valuable tool that can help you pass your service inspections the first time.

Call today for ordering information on our $20.00 Residential Field Guide (plus $2.50 shipping). It may just save you a trip back to a job!

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Reference Tabs for the Electrical Exam - SOLD OUT

Our unique set of Reference Tabs will put the most commonly referenced sections of the books allowed into the electrical exam at your fingertips. Included in this package are 10 tabs for the Uglys® book, 10 tabs for the CT Business Law Book, 10 tabs for the NEC®, 10 tabs for the NFPA® standard, and 5 tabs for the OSHA CFR 1926 book.

Call today for ordering information on our $20.00 Residential Field Guide (plus $2.50 shipping). These tabs are a true timesaver and can only be found at Electrical Training Services!

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Code Cards and Insert Package -SOLD OUT-

Our set of 56 Code cards are based on the 2017 NEC® . They are designed to help you become more familiar with locating information in the code book. As you review the Code Cards, locate the keywords/phrases found on the back of the cards in your code book and highlight them for future reference.

Our insert Package contains hard to find formulas, sample calculations, diagrams, and quick tips. Add the insert package pages into your code book at the recommended locations. By doing so, the information you require will be exactly where you will need it. All States may not allow pages to be inserted for exams. Check with your State testing agency.

Call today for ordering information on our $20.00 Code Card and Insert Package (plus $4.50 shipping). This set is one of our most popular products, see our feedback area and read the reviews!